Articles on Diversity and Inclusion 

The TIDA Diversity and Inclusion Committee strives to emphasize multiculturalism across many bounds, including but not limited to, race, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, culture, and nationality in an effort to reflect the current transportation industry and the community we serve.

We believe inclusion not only promotes innovation but also allows our members to learn from a variety of perspectives providing a holistic assessment of how the industry and the claims and lawsuits that arise will be perceived. By actively encouraging diverse talent to join the trucking industry and our organization, we advance the industry and TIDA’s objectives and mission.

The diversity and inclusion committee has curated a list of articles to provide our members with information on diversity and inclusion. The information and links to other information on the TIDA Diversity and Inclusion Article Page has been prepared by TIDA for the general information of TIDA members. The committee encourages members to submit an article relating to diversity and inclusion to further promote the mission of the committee. 


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