Core Philosophies

TIDA is a valuable resource to all of its members, providing services that include:

Being at the forefront of information — Through an annual seminar, an intensive one-day course and a skills course for less experienced members as well as electronic information sharing, TIDA has the best collective knowledge and data from across the country to keep the membership informed and aware of the latest trends in the industry.

Providing members-only resources on the web — The TIDA website offers members the opportunity to research and gather information or contact other members for support with the speed necessary while defending a claim. The site provides the most recent technical, regulatory, expert witness and legal resources available for TIDA members.

Maintaining membership at the highest professional level — The membership criteria for TIDA is set at a high level to ensure that only the most qualified can share in TIDA's resources.

Creating quality networking opportunities for members — TIDA offers attorney, trucking and insurance representatives educational, resource and networking opportunities to help expand their knowledge of the latest defense strategies for the trucking industry. TIDA members adhere to a unique policy which prohibits unwanted marketing overtures.