TIDA Events

TIDA Advanced Seminar

The Advanced Seminar provides attendees with the tools and resources to promote the defense of the trucking industry. Your company will receive the best collective knowledge and data from across the country to stay informed and aware of the latest trends in the industry.

Past Advanced Seminars Future Advanced Seminars
Advanced 2019 - San Diego, California Advanced 2021 - Nashville, Tennessee (CANCELED)
Advanced 2017 - Orlando, Florida  
Advanced 2015 - Tampa, Florida  

TIDA Annual Seminar
Past Annual Seminars Future Annual Seminars
2019 Annual - Tampa, Florida 2020 Annual - Virtual
2018 Annual - Austin, Texas 2021 Annual Seminar - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2017 Annual - Las Vegas, Nevada  
2016 Annual - Baltimore, Maryland  
2015 Annual - San Antonio, Texas  
2014 Annual - Las Vegas, Nevada  
2013 Annual - Orlando, Florida  
2012 Annual - Dallas, Texas  
2011 Annual - Las Vegas, Nevada  
2010 Annual - Orlando, Florida  
2009 Annual - San Antonio, Texas  
2008 Annual - San Diego, California  
2007 Annual - Atlanta, Georgia  
2006 Annual - Memphis, Tennessee  
2005 Annual - Las Vegas, Nevada  
2004 Annual - Baltimore, Maryland  
2003 Annual - Orlando, Florida  
2002 Annual - Orlando, Florida  
2001 Annual - Denver, Colorado  
2000 Annual - Las Vegas, Nevada  
1999 Annual - Chicago, Illinois  
1998 Annual - Memphis, Tennessee  
1997 Annual - Dallas, Texas  
1996 Annual - Denver, Colorado  
1995 Annual - Indianapolis, Indiana  
1994 Annual - St. Louis, Missouri  
1993 Annual - Kansas City, Missouri  

TIDA Cargo & Skills Course Seminars

The Trucking Industry Defense Association's (TIDA) Cargo & Skills Course Seminars are the premier events for new motor carriers, trucking insurers, defense attorneys and claims servicing companies. The event is held every year in Tempe, Arizona since 2015.

The Cargo Seminar is a one day event designed to educate attendees on how to recognize, investigate and defend claims and lawsuits that arise from the loss or damage to goods and to manage situations following a cargo claim against a carrier or insured.

The Skills Course Seminar is a two day event designed to teach attendees critical thinking skills with real-world scenarios and key strategies in all areas for the successful handling of trucking claims.