John T. Biezup Memorial Service Award

The John T. Biezup Memorial Service Award was created to honor John Biezup, a charter member of the Trucking Industry Defense Association (TIDA) who died suddenly in 1994. John was a partner in the Philadelphia law firm of Palmer, Biezup, and Henderson. He was a tireless and innovative lawyer who was constantly trying to find new ways to protect his clients' interests. His clients were as dedicated to him as he was to them. It was to honor that spirit of service that TIDA created an award bearing his name. Annually, the TIDA Board of Directors chooses a member of TIDA whom they believe best exemplifies John’s spirit of service, not only to TIDA, but to his or her clients and the trucking industry.


Congratulations to TIDA's 2023 John T. Biezup Memorial Service Award Recipient:

Doug Betkowski, Gallagher Bassett Specialty



John T. Biezup Memorial Service Award
Past Recipients

2022   Clay Porter, Porter Rennie Woodard Kendall, LLP
   John Spiros, Roehl Transport, Inc
2020   Lee Piovarcy, Martin Tate Morrow & Marston
2019   Robert Lund, Swift Transportation/Mohave Transportation Insurance Company
2018   Joseph W. Pappalardo, Gallagher Sharp
2017   Donna Cook, Lockton Companies
2016   Charles Carr, Carr Allison
2015   William C. Burns, Landstar System, Inc.
2014   Tom McLaughlin,  Transport Corporation of America
2013   Bruce Dickinson, Stephenson & Dickinson PC
2012   Paul Berne, Lancer Insurance Company
2011   Susan Watson, Harrington, Foxx, Dubrow & Canter
2010   Keith Dunlap, NTA, Inc
2009   Doug Rennie, Montgomery, Rennie & Jonson
2008   Mark Whitehead, J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.
2007   Inga Upshaw, Ryan, Drewniak & Upshaw, LLC
2006   James Klemme, Great West Casualty Company
2005   Timothy Abeel, Rawle & Henderson
2004   Marian Weilert Sauvey, Atlas Van Lines
2003   Brian Wood, Lind, Jensen, Sullivan & Peterson
2002   Bob Hoppie, Great West Casualty Company
2001   Gerry Young, G.E. Young & Co.
2000   Carl Fisher, Hinshaw & Culbertson
1999   Ben McAuley, Wayman, Irvin & McAuley
1998   John Mullin, John Deere Transportation
1997   Norm Young, FFE, Inc.
1996   Bob Corry, Dennis, Corry & Porter
1995   Barbara Murphy, Carolina Casualty