Empowering Future Leaders - Mentor / Mentee Information

The mentor program is designed to share the wisdom, guidance, and leadership skills of today’s experienced members with our future leaders. Our goal is to provide a mentor to newer members of TIDA so they can maximize their membership and network with experienced TIDA members. 

The mentors and mentees will be from the same membership category. For example, a new attorney member will be mentored by an experienced attorney member.


The mentor will be responsible to assist the mentee with:

  • Reviewing the TIDA website;
  • Reviewing the benefits of TIDA membership;
  • Meeting with the mentee by phone, email or in person to get to know each other;
  • Working with the mentee to network with other TIDA members at various functions;
  • Answer mentee questions about the industry and the organization; and
  • Introduce the mentee to other TIDA members as appropriate for the mentee’s interests and needs.

The mentees will be responsible for:

  • Communicating with the mentor;
  • Cooperating with the mentor to schedule times for communication and meetings; and
  • Reviewing the TIDA website and familiarizing themselves with its features.

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