Endowment Request for 2022-2023

Help facilitate growth, change, and innovation within the industry by sharing information about TIDA's endowment! Since 2008, TIDA has provided endowments to organizations that are aligned with the mission of TIDA; to share knowledge, resources and risk management solutions for motor carries, insurers, claims professionals and attorneys.

Endowments are distributed to help shape the future of our industry and the individuals who are a part of it! They are used to recognize and support educational institutions and programs that assist in preparing students for careers in the transportation and trucking industry. In the past years, endowments have facilitated the funding needed for; student CDL training, scholarships for truck driving programs, enhancement of training programs, and many more!

TIDA members are encouraged to share this webpage with any organization that may benefit from receiving a TIDA Endowment. The organization should complete the endowment request form below.

The deadline to submit an endowment request is Friday, May 13, 2022.

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Thank you for your continued support of the trucking industry!