New Member Committee

The New Member Committee is comprised of

Mentor / Mentee

The Mentor committee’s mission is to build for the future of the organization by engaging all members to action. The Committee will rely on the tremendous skill set of the organizations’ members to develop emerging leaders. This will involve the establishment and implementation of a mentor/mentee program.

Young Professionals
The Young Professionals, a sub-committee, will focus on the development of their leadership skills and professional relationships within the young members of the organization.


Board Advisors

Bill Upshaw
McLane Company, Inc.

April Sexton-Arnold, Young Professionals Board Advisor
USA Truck, Inc.

Committee Members

Daniel Settana, Chair Mentor / Mentee
The McKay Firm

Lindsay Gorback, Co-Chair Young Professionals

Christa Swift, Co-Chair Young Professionals
TrueNorth Companies, LLC

Dale Bowman
Norcross / McLarens

Jaion Chung
Poole & Shaffery, LLP

James Foster
Cassiday Schade LLP

Noelle Natoli
Foley & Mansfield